Registered in the UK charity No. 1082929
To Give Another Chance - Helping Children with Congenital Heart Defects

How you can help children with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD):

  • Donations by cash, cheque, standing order, direct debit, covenant
  • Gifts of any kind suitable for raffles, auctions, garage/car boot sales
  • Attending Children’s Hearts receptions, music, art events
  • Giving some of your time to help with admin chores and fund raising
  • Tell friends, work colleagues, children about the Charity to spread awareness
  • Suggest company names which may be able to donate medical equipment, supplies, drugs to provide facilities for CHD surgery and post-operative care
  • Join our mailing list of friends to receive regular news of our work and events
  • Tell key opinion formers about Children’s Hearts and how they can help
  • Talk to us about ideas you may have to generate support for Children’s Hearts

Children’s Hearts Banking Details:

Account Number 65064324
Sort Code 089299
The Cooperative Bank
Olympic House
6 Olympic Court
Montford Street
Salford M5 2 QP
United Kingdom

If you want to donate, please fill the form (click here), print and send it to us:

Children’s Hearts
85 Brockenhurts Avenue
Worcester Park
Surrey KT4 7RH
United Kingdom